Close to home | Simone van Wijk

  • Close to home | Simone van Wijk
  • Close to home | Simone van Wijk

special edition: signed by the author

Daily lives from East to West starting in Eindhoven (NL)

The world feels very big and overwhelming to me and I have always stayed close to home, because I felt a fear of stepping into this big, overwhelming world. I needed the world to be smaller and safer, so it would become more accessible to me. Internet and e-mail offer me that possibility.

I got in contact with fourteen people from all over the world that were unknown to me before. By searching for parallels and similarities between their world and mine, our world seemed more recognizable and therefore closer to my own.

This book is the result of the photos that those fourteen people made for me. My journey starts in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. You can join me by navigating through the book to the west or east. Eindhoven is the centre of this book, because this is where I live and where my journey started. When you unfold the pages in the centre, you will find a collection of images that I received. Have a closer look and see what the daily lives of other people are about.

See for yourself how close to home this book is.

  • ISBN: 978 90 8730 6007
  • Publication 2008
  • Aantal pagina's: 224
  • Formaat: 17 x 23 cm.
  • Uitvoering: softcover
  • Full-colour

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